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Geoffrey Cole & Co - Accountants In Reading If you are currently considering the need for a company or personal accountants in Reading, Berkshire, whether because you are starting a new business venture, already have an enterprise running and are perhaps looking into the possibility of some alternative accounting, bookkeeping services, payroll or tax advice options. Or if you are simply seeking a personal chartered accountants for tax advice, financial planning or help in preparation and submission of self-assessment inland revenue tax returns, there is one very important thing you should bear in mind in terms of your personal and professional wealth:


Your choice of accountants in Reading may be one of the most important choices you make!

Many Reading area business owners, and new enterprise start-ups, will take a huge amount of time and careful consideration in the planning and preparation for their core business activities. They will look at every aspect of their business plan in meticulous detail, inspecting it from every possible angle. Weighing up the potential market-place for their goods and services, carefully assessing the local and wider competition, taking time and trouble to make the best possible decisions every step of the way in order to try to ensure that their business achieves the best possible levels of success. They want to found and create a lasting, viable and valuable enterprise; they want to give themselves the very best possible chances of surviving their early days as they establish themselves in a difficult and competitive economic climate; and they almost always have a drive and determination to grow and develop their venture to stand as a personal reward and achievement. They also want to gain a long term financial security along with the peace of mind that they are building a strong and dependable future for themselves and, quite possibly, their families and loved-ones.


In addition to the imperatives and motives behind the huge extent of work and thought that goes into their business, many owners and proprietors of businesses also move into a major risk phase of their professional lives. Because the establishment of a new business will often entail the investment of extensive financial resources. Whether or not a business owner has the personal wealth immediately available to hand in order to invest in their start up in business, or whether their plans for the new venture entail entering into the pressured commitment of borrowing against personal assets, in either case they will always be very conscious of the possibility of placing the welfare of themselves and their family at risk. And all this is added to the day to day pressure and stress of actually running and developing the business itself.


So it is more than reasonable to recommend in the strongest possible terms that choosing the right accountants in Reading can either make matters much easier, or unfortunately make them very much more difficult. And yet it is curious that many business owners are unable to truly determine their thinking behind their choice of accountant.


But consider the basis of the relationship between the business owner and their primary financial adviser and confidant. It may be taken as read that the accountant and their staff have the appropriate accountancy qualifications and necessary expertise to discharge the technical aspects of the role. A business owner can usually be confident that their books will be kept properly and their tax matters will be managed in a manner that keeps them in line with the prevailing legislation. However, if that is the extent of the relationship, then the business is sadly lacking one of the best assets that they may have in establishing and developing their business and achieving their personal ambitions.



Accountants In Reading – getting the best from your choice

Ask yourself; what do you really want from your accountant? Is it just to complete your annual accounts and tax returns - or are there other matters and expectations of your Reading accountant that are important to you? Make a list of the services that you think you might want from your prospective accountant. This way you can draft some questions that are relevant and pertinent to your specific needs. Ask to meet with a person who might be able to help you, or speak to them immediately if they are available. Explain who you are and ask if they can offer their services to a business such as yours, and whether you can meet to discuss those services and costs. This meeting should be at no cost to you and be, perhaps, about an hour in length.



Examine your choice of Accountants in Reading:

  • How did the meeting go?
  • Did you feel comfortable with the people that you met?
  • Did they show a genuine interest in you and your business?
  • Did they really demonstrate that they fully understood your business?
  • Did they show initiative in answering some of your questions - or discuss or raise some issues that you did not ask questions on? In other words did they show they might really understand your business and how to deliver an ongoing stream of invaluable advice and practical assistance?


The basis of your ongoing relationship with your accountancy provider should be one of trust and cooperation. One where you really feel that your accountant is making a tangible and valuable contribution to your personal and professional wealth and financial success. Your business can thrive with the helping hand of the right person as part of your team, but get your decision wrong and your accountant can be at best, merely a service provider and at worst a real problem you could probably do without.


Here is some feedback about our particular accountancy services which demonstrate our commitment to the wider success of our clients in and around Reading. And here is our range services from one of the very best accountants in Reading.


If you are considering your options contact us for a no obligation chat and find out more about how we can help you. Geoffrey Cole has built a lifetime of invaluable experience and expertise in providing the best possible business development and prosperity advice available through any accountants in Reading.



Geoffrey Cole & Co - Accountants In Reading

Geoffrey Cole & Co - Accountants In Reading

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